Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calypso Speedie

Got bored and started to google random astronomy stuff.

Found Calypso, it looked like a total dud from satellite images, so I tried to pimp it up on the surface.

SETI Expressions

Expressions for the A.I.

Making the fragments of his face move to the expressions rather than relying on more of the muscular expressive approach.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Museum Boards 1

Part I of storyboards from a personal project I'm developing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of Science and Magic

Painting from last November. I really like the Full Metal Alchemist series, so here is a much darker approach to the two protagonists of the series!

My Teeth

Since I love drawing Venom a lot, I'd figure I make another painting of him. This time I wanted to make the white symbiote part of his eyes much like a spider's egg sack! Super nasty!!!

Photoshop CS + SAI Painter

Peeping Bug

A painting from last year that I'd thought to upload on here.

Had a funny idea in my head for a while, just a nice young lady bathing at a pond, when suddenly... a wild centipede appears!

Photoshop CS + SAI Painter

Escaflowne Ispano Factory

My interpretation of when the King of Fanelia first purchased the legendary guymelef Escaflowne from the Ispanos.

Maya + Photoshop CS

Saturday, February 4, 2012


More thesis related stuff.

Seti is the artificial intelligence created for military strategic advisement of Corvid Sol. Under its development, it was made clear that Seti was not to be programmed with the first law of robotics.

Named after the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I, the AI is built on a nexus that encompasses various psychological profiles of the greatest war strategists from Earth's history.

Thus no matter the situation, Seti is able to match every situation with the most efficient response.

Seti also has Hyperion Clearance Level security access (the second highest level). Such clearance would grant the AI access to much of Corvid Sol's highly classified armory, technology, personnel information, and civil/military protocols.